About Us

At Lifetime Kickboxing…

Get the best of 3 worlds, Kickboxing, Weight-training, and Yoga all in one Gym! Get ready to hit your goals to burn fat, reduce your stress and tone up by punching and kicking real punching bags and so much MORE. Kickboxing is one of the best fat burners and cardio exercises. Imagine loosing up to 1,200 calories during a one hour class session here at Lifetime Kickboxing!

Our fun, engaging fitness facility keeps you energized and focused on the fitness aspect of your workout. Since our gym has multiple class selections that we have made for both for beginners and advanced members. We do not only provide kickboxing and weight training we will provide you with yoga and aerobics classes. In no time you will see results here at Lifetime Kickboxing!


Why Choose Us:


With Kickboxing, Yoga, Weight-Training, and a variety of different workout tools available to you, there is always something new to do at Lifetime Kickboxing. Even with our pumped Cycle classes, or our pumped large Kickboxing Ring in the center of our Gym, you will find all that you need here!

Accountability & Motivation

The best person to make a change in your life, is you. However we are happy to help!

Around every corner is a Personal Trainer ready to give you the tools to succeed, or better yet, walk you through to success.We leave excuses at the door here at LTKB. Simply analyzing where you are at the current moment, and where you want to end up, a plan is developed and executed. It is our mission and privilege to get you to the best version of yourself!


NONSTOP. That is all you will experience at LTKB. Kicking and punching all around, sweat beading from your peers, and the loud noise of someone meeting and exceeding their goal, get ready to enter and surround yourself with the hustle and bustle of the great world of Kickboxing!